11 August 2008

Finger Knitting

A friend recently posted a link to how to do finger knitting, so when DD asked me, as she usually does when she sees me knitting, if she could try, I gave it a go with her. If you haven't seen it before, it's worth checking out. It's not knitting in the style of two needles etc, but it does produce a long, knitted looking strip.

DD didn't get quite that far, but she did managed to produce about 3-4 inches of 'knitting', and was thrilled. It became a 'pony hammock', and when daddy came home from work, she made a second one to show him. Best of all, she felt like she had actually achieved knitting, rather than feeling like she wasn't big enough to do it.

The knitting she saw was for these new red slippers, which I finished last night. These are one of the first things I've ever pulled out because when I initially knitted them, they were too big. I did the usual 30 stitches for the slipper pattern, which worked fine for 8ply wool, and the thicker ply I had, but for some reason this bobbly stuff just didn't knit up the same. I undid it (2 nights knitting!) and re-did it with 24 stitches instead. For anyone who's wanting to try different sized slippers (especially for kids ones), the pattern works fine so long as you keep the number of stitches to a multiple of 3.

I'm glad I went to the effort, because they are just the right size at 24 stitches, 30 would have been far too big. Out of all the slippers I've knitted, I think these ones are my favourite. The bobbly wool makes a thick, soft slipper, that really is comfortable to wear. The extra thickness took me a while to get used to though, and I really felt like I was going to slip on the wooden floors initially. I'm find now, but if you think it might be a problem (again, especially with kids), you can get some puffy paint at a craft store to put dots on the bottom, which should lessen the slip risk.

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