12 October 2008

Sheet Wardrobe

I've been sewing up a storm the last few weeks, making some summer dresses for myself (in among making all those clothes for DD). So far I have these 6 dresses (can you tell what colours I like?). Some of the material has been bought new, but most of it is recycled, and about the only place you can get this much material in one piece is in old sheets! So what I'm wondering now, is can you guess which ones are the sheets, and which ones are the new material? Most of these I plan to wear around the house anyway, so it doesn't really matter that they look like sheets, but I am curious how many of them are obvious.

The patterns are from my Stitch House book, which I officially LOVE. All of these can be made with 2m or less of material! Pretty good for an adult dress. They're also really cool and comfortable, which is a very important characteristic.

I popped my soap out of the moulds this morning too. Well, popped is probably the wrong word, wrestled is more like it. But it's out, and it looks WAY better than the last lot. The picture doesn't show it, but it actually looks kind of green, not quite sure why, but the colour is even, and the consistency is right (the last lot was crumbly and patchy), so I think this lot is going to be great. I'm really looking forward to trying it out.

I'm off for a few days to a week tomorrow, visiting my mum, so probably won't be posting. But expect lots of crafty pics and op shop finds when I get back!


Anonymous said...

I think I know which ones are sheets... but only because I have the same sheets here!

Marika said...

Oh! I have one soap book and I really want to make my own soap, but I scare to store lye in our home. What kind of oil did you used for your soap making? Your soap looks so usable!

Out Back said...

Hi there,

You have lovely blog. I check on it regularly. You are very resourceful and I liked the idea for the planter box using the wooden crate. A good seamstress too, your summer dresses look cool. You should be very proud. Sorry can't tell which ones are sheets.

I would like to try my hand at making soap. I use Rhonda Jean's recipe for laundry detergent and am happy with the way it washes the clothes.

I would love some of the rain you have been having, it is so dry here the soil is like talcum powder.

My sons class is trying to hatch some chickens using an incubator, if they succeed they all get to take a baby chick home. The eggs went in yesterday.

Enjoy your day

Rinelle said...

Thanks Kris, those old cotton sheets really last and last and last don't they? Not like the ones you can buy now.

Marika: I used olive oil and copha (coconut oil), it was a very simple recipe, that was really easy to make. The hardest bit was waiting for the lye and oils to drop back down to 50 degrees.

Thanks for the comments out back. Rhonda Jean's soap recipe is just as good as her laundry detergent one, definately worth giving a go, and then you don't have to buy soap for the laundry detergent! Hope your son has fun with the incubator at school, it is a great experience for kids I think.