16 November 2008


$29.60, that is how much this lot of fruit cost us at the Caboolture markets cost us this morning. We spend about this amount each week, and get roughly the same amount of fruit. There were a few luxuries in there today, the mangoes were $1 each, and the apricots were about $5 a kg I think. The grapes were the most expensive at $7 a kg, but DD loves them, and since she's been sick, whatever she will eat is a good thing.

Today's Harvest

It would be nice to be able to supply all most of our fruit and vegetables from our own garden, but we are still quite a way away from that, and in the meantime, the markets are an excellent alternative to the supermarkets, and I'm sure it's much cheaper.


rdtj04 said...

Great picks at the markets. Well done and your pick from the garden is nothing to sneeze at. Congrats. We are having first rain here in Warwick, Qld for a long time. I have 35m of vegies/fruit trying to get out of the soil and grow but the sun has been too harsh till yesterday. Hope this means that I will be picking soon too, something other than beans that is :)

Cheers Damaris

Rinelle said...

Hi Damaris,

Hope the rain has helped your vegies. I know the weather we've been having here has been great for getting seeds up.

Funnily enough, beans are the one thing I have trouble growing here, think it must be something lacking in the soil!

Jaime said...

Hi Rinelle,
I agree, the Caboolture flea markets are the best! we get our fruit and veg there every Sunday too - its fabulous value for money. How did you fare with the storm? we were without power until 7.30 this morning and there are a lot of trees and branches down. Our garage flooded and we had a river flowing through the backyard too - funfun!
[biskitty at hotmail . com]

Rinelle said...

Hi Jaime,

We did pretty OK in the storm considering. We did have a bit of a flood happening, our new drainage just couldn't keep up, but it went down pretty quickly once the rain stopped. We fared much better than a lot of people in Brisbane I think! We didn't lose power at all (well, for about 30 seconds at one stage), which was a bit of a relief, as we were in the middle of cooking dinner!