17 June 2008

Fresh Peas!

We picked our first lot of peas yesterday! Not terribly many, but the most I've had at one time before! Fresh peas are one of my favourite crops. The so called fresh peas you buy in the supermarket are horrible compared to these. Tough and nasty, they're picked too late, and then transported too far. You haven't tasted peas till you've eaten them straight off the bush!

Of course, they don't go very far once they're shelled! Not even enough to warrant cooking, so I ate them raw. Of course, I really don't understand why anyone would cook fresh peas. Why make them all mushy and yucky when you can have them like this, crisp and sweet. Since DH doesn't agree with me and would prefer them cooked, and DD won't eat peas in any form (she refuses to taste them fresh), I ate them all!

Of course, shelling peas is very inefficient. There is more left over than you actually eat. These pea pods are perfectly edible of course, and actually taste quite good if you don't compare them to the peas themselves! I prefer the pods from my climbing peas, as they are more tender than these ones, but either way, I often eat the pods in preference to throwing them out (though I do eat the peas first!)

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