27 June 2008

A Mouse!

Well, we caught our mouse, although not through any cleverness on my part. I set an elaborate trap (a weet-bix in the bottom of a deep plastic box), which was totally unsuccessful. But when I went to pull the rubbish bin out to clean out DD's paint tin, a sudden scrabbling made me jump out of my skin. The little mouse had climbed in, and couldn't get back out. Lucky the bin was empty! He's now been relocated.

Of course, no sooner had we come back from taking him to his new home, than DH saw another mouse run across the bathroom floor. Seems there is no end to them.

And just in case you're wondering, no luck on the house front either. They still haven't turned up to do the last bits (mainly putting on the security screens). We've been assured they'll be there tomorrow morning, but I've heard that before. So we're still waiting...

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