6 February 2008

Biscuit Baking

All day long DD was on at me, "I want to cook something mummy, I want to cook something." I guess inspired by our chocolate chip muffin making yesterday. She didn't have any great ideas on what she wanted to cook today though, so I finally suggested biscuits.

I use this recipe from Intuitive Parenting, which makes up a HUGE bulk lot. It's quick and easy to make, and a good consistency for my biscuit pusher. This is a very old style pusher, given to me by my grandmother. You put the little shapes bit at one end, and use the handle on the other to push the biscuit mixture through. We have a lot of shapes, and love to try a new one every time. I'll try to take some pics of it and add them to this post later, once it's been washed up!

*Edit: Here's the pic of the biscuit pusher.

Today, we used a round shape with a hole in the middle, 3rd from the left in the top row, and DD had the brilliant idea of putting a tiny chocolate chip into each hole.

For the second tray, I used strawberry jam instead of the chocolate chips.

The rest of the mixture gets frozen for making biscuits at a later date. This is then an easy activity, with no mixing required, just put the mixture onto the bench until it defrosts, then push it out onto the trays. Last time I just froze it in freezer bags, but this time I wrapped it first. I used the paper from the butter for some lots, then greaseproof paper for the rest. If this works, I'll save my butter papers for it in future. The plan with this is that it will be easy to just slide it into the pusher, rather than having to laboriously spoon it in.

And here is the finished product. The chocolate chip ones worked out really well, but unfortunately the jam in the others soaked into the biscuits. They'll still taste yummy. Once they cooled, I stuck them together in pairs with icing. Yum! Unfortunately they didn't last long enough for me to get a picture of them with the icing in!

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