20 February 2008

We're Expecting!

Baby chickens that is!

On Monday I picked up a dozen Rhode Island Red fertile eggs from a breeder just up the road, and on Tuesday we put them into the incubator after spending a day getting the temperature just right. Now they are sitting there all cozy and warm, being turned 2-3 times a day, and hopefully in 3 weeks we'll have some fluffy baby chicks!

Keeping the temperature just right is a bit of a hassle, especially when DD decides to adjust it while I'm not looking! The three darker eggs are supermarket eggs that I put in while doing the initial temperature adjusting, and I've left them in because apparently the incubator operates best with with a full load of eggs. Will probably take them out in a week or so.

I'll update with how they're going over the next few weeks, and hopefully a bit more detail on hatching in an incubator once I have a bit more experience myself! Make sure you come and check back around the 10th of March, when our babies are due.

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