20 February 2008

Project's Update

Well, in our few days without Internet, and the days leading up to it, I've made pretty good inroads into the project list.

  • Finish sewing curtains
  • Finish knitting first dishcloth
  • Knit more dishcloths
  • Build/organise DD's cubby house
  • Put up dowel to hang curtains around bed
  • Sew dress from salt dye material
  • Sew outfits for DD from material bought from spotlight ($22 for 4m of contrasting fabric, should be enough outfits for the next little while)
  • Sew pants/singlets for me from recycled material
  • Make some dishrags from old towels, edges crocheted
  • Make new garden bed
  • Planting!
  • Dolomite around garden (apparently my watermelons are suffering from lack of calcium)
  • Declutter
  • Add more bedding and new layer to worm farm
  • Dollhouse - paint windows/doors
  • Dollhouse - decide on interior
  • Dollhouse - cut new front doors, paint, and install doors/windows
  • Dollhouse - put stairs together and paint
  • Make and print calendar in Publisher
  • Organise eggs for incubator
  • Curtain rod for shower
  • Curtain rod/wire for bathroom curtain
  • Corflute on bottom of bath frame and around hose inlet
  • Sew new been bag cover for DD from old doona (duvet for any US readers) cover
  • Finish editing/rewriting novel

And some new items to add to the list:

  • Make chook tractor
  • Prepare box for baby chickens
  • Finish dolls
Here are the curtains I made, hanging over our computer area. My computer where I post all my blog posts is the one with the windows background, and DH mostly uses the one next to it. However, that one is also the one which has my photo software on it, so that is where I edit all the photos. You can also see the calendar I made stuck on the noticeboard.

And the curtains in the bathroom. These are made from contrasting fabric to the ones above the computers. All of them are made from a double sided doona (duvet) cover that I bought at a garage sale.

I was also going to make one more set of curtains to go over the TV, but have discovered that we put a cupboard partly in front of the window, which makes it hard to get in there to put up a curtain wire to hang them on. I'm still debating whether I will try to work something out, or leave them for now.

I finally finished knitting my first dishcloth from 4 ply cotton from the second hand shop. It was supposed to be a square, but of course, I had to modify the pattern by changing from garter stitch to stocking stitch, and apparently they don't knit up the same. I'm currently knitting one in garter stitch, and it's turning out a much better shape. This one will still do it's job, though strangely enough I have been loath to actually use it on the dishes or benches.

I'm sure I'll have no such problems with these though. While searching through some old boxes, I came across a few old towels I'd been keeping for rags. It only took about 15 minutes to cut these into squares, and they're now awaiting having their edges crocheted. Trouble is, I lack a suitably sized crochet hook, so for now, they'll have to wait. I kept the edges/hems and they have found a second life tying up the tomatoes.

Stay tuned for more project updates over the next few days. The rest will take a bit more of a write up though, so I'm not going to start them tonight.

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