9 February 2008

Frame is up!

Well, they were back again yesterday afternoon and this morning, and the frame is finished! I get a thrill every time I catch sight of it when I walk outside. It's actually starting to look a little like a house now! In the right third, you can see through the back sliding doors to where the front door will be. Our kitchen will be up that end, up against the right wall. Then the lounge room, and the bedrooms and bathrooms are down the other end, behind my little car.

Here is the view looking down that back side, standing on the right hand corner where the kitchen will be, and looking back. The first gap there will be our sliding glass door, which is the one we will use the most. It will lead into the back yard, and to where our garage is (that we're living in now!) I suspect we will only open the front door when we want a crossbreeze!

We went down and had a lot of fun walking through it. DD was most fascinated by us telling here, "This will be your room, this will be your playroom, this will be mummy and daddy's room" etc etc. We looked around planning where things would go (how come we've managed to end up with a lounge room with next to no wallspace again? It's all going to be taken up with the computers on one wall, and the TV on the other! Where am I going to fit my bookshelves?)

This is the view from the lounge room, looking down the hallway to the bedrooms.

I'm not sure what stage is next. I guess they get the roof on, and I think the windows and doors go in some time soon too.

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