6 February 2008

Building Progress!

We've had these piles of framework sitting here for several weeks now. They delivered them about a week after the slab went down, and we got quite excited, but since then, nothing has happened at all. Until today!

Mid afternoon, the builders showed up, and began erecting the frame for our house! They came a day or two ago in a rare moment of fine weather, and marked out the slab, explaining that they have a couple of other jobs going, but apparently the guy only lives a couple of streets away, and his other job is in Caloundra, so when there is a break in the rain, it's easier to pop over to our place and try to get stuff done than to drive a whole hour to Caloundra and find out it's pouring there.

Firstly, they laid out all the frame pieces like a big jigsaw puzzle. I could hear them talking (we sat on the veranda and watched), and I think each piece is numbered, and the plans tell them which piece goes where.

Here is the first corner going up.

It actually happened pretty quickly once they got going. Each piece was fastened to the slab with some sort of gun, then each piece was screwed to the ones next to it.

They got about half way through, before the light drizzle/showers that had been persisting since they arrived turned into actual rain, and they abandoned the job for the day. If it's overcast/threatening rain tomorrow, they might be back to finish the job (rather than go all the way to Caloundra only to find out it is actually raining there.)

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