28 February 2008

We have Bricks!

Progress on the house is happening at a steady pace, but nothing worthy of a post. The plumber has been to do the rough in, and the electrician to do the pre-wire. The windows arrived a few days ago, and the door this morning, although none have been installed yet. Then today there was a lot of noise outside, and low and behold, a truck with our bricks on!

They were unloaded by crane, and put at various points all around the house.

I kind of expected them to stack them all in one spot, but I guess this makes more sense. The bricklayers don't have to cart them all to the right spot, they're nearby. If you look through the door, you can see the windows inside, leaning on one of the walls.

I'm actually surprised at how quickly it's all happening now. It took us more than 8 months to just get through all the initial paperwork, and now the building is happening so fast. I would have thought that it was the longest bit, but apparently not.

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