11 February 2008

Project list

We've been here for about 2 months now, and while we were very focused during the shed building stage, now that that's passed, we often spend days doing very little, yet feeling this vague feeling that there is something we SHOULD be doing. So I thought I'd sit down, and write out a list of all the projects I'm doing/thinking of doing, and maybe coming back to edit this post as they're completed. So here goes.
  • Finish sewing curtains
  • Finish knitting first dishcloth
  • Knit more dishcloths
  • Build/organise DD's cubby house
  • Put up dowel to hang curtains around bed
  • Sew dress from salt dye material (you thought I'd forgotten about this hadn't you?)
  • Sew outfits for DD from material bought from spotlight ($22 for 4m of contrasting fabric, should be enough outfits for the next little while)
  • Sew pants/singlets for me from recycled material
  • Make some dishrags from old towels, edges crocheted
  • Make new garden bed
  • Planting!
  • Dolomite around garden (apparently my watermelons are suffering from lack of calcium)
  • Declutter
  • Add more bedding and new layer to worm farm
  • Dollhouse - paint windows/doors
  • Dollhouse - decide on interior
  • Dollhouse - cut new front doors, paint, and install doors/windows
  • Dollhouse - put stairs together and paint
  • Make and print calendar in Publisher
  • Organise eggs for incubator
  • Curtain rod for shower
  • Curtain rod/wire for bathroom curtain
  • Corflute on bottom of bath frame and around hose inlet
  • Sew new been bag cover for DD from old doona (duvet for any US readers) cover
  • Finish editing/rewriting novel

That's all I can think of right now, but if I think of anything more, I'll come back and add it.

Not a bad list, but it's scary how many of these projects have 'finish' as the first word. So often I start a project, and then get distracted in something else, and though I plan to get back to it, it just doesn't happen. Something to think on, how to avoid getting distracted and moving onto a new project before finishing the last one.

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