26 February 2008

Egg Update

We candled the eggs today. Basically, this means getting into a dark place, and using a light to shine through the egg, so you can see the shadow of it's contents. We used our maglight with a hand around the end to try to keep as much extraneous light in as possible. I didn't manage to get photos, it was a bit chaotic here, and the only way to get them would be to use the tripod and a long exposure. I might try again last night. However, there is a very good article on egg candling on Aussies Living Simply here, that has a great description and photos.

It is all looking good. Every one of the eggs had signs of development. A little blob on once side, with a darker blob in the middle. Some of them you could even see moving. I was a little concerned about having to turn the incubator off during our heat wave on Saturday, but it appears they haven't come to any harm from it.

It was amazing, seeing those little babies in there. And even seeing them move. Kind of like watching your own child on an ultrasound, except that you are more relaxed (and without the overwhelming need to use the bathroom!) I think it was a great thing for DD to see too. She seemed very interested for a few minutes, watching the eggs and touching them, before being distracted by playing games with the torch in the dark!

So looking forward to the 10th of March, when we should see them hatching!

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