10 February 2008

A long day

It has been a long day today. First up, up at 5 to drive DH to the train by 6, then DD and I went on to the markets for our fruit shopping. The specials weren't quite as good as they have been the last few weeks, but we did get some nice grapes, and it looks like the apples are coming in. Bought a whole heap of tiny red delicious for DD, figure they're about her size.

Then we came home to rush around doing our morning routine, before heading off to visit my sister before it got too hot. We had a great swim in her pool, and DD was determined to try to 'swim' on her own, which meant bouncing around and needing someone to grab her periodically. I think she had fun though.

The onto my real purpose of the trip, the hobby store. Here I have to say I grossly overspent. Nearly $200 for doors, windows, and a staircase for the dollhouse. I hadn't planned on spending that much. In all honestly, if I had thought about it, I would have realised that these wouldn't be cheap, and might have planned things a little better. I didn't want this dollhouse to be an expensive project, it was supposed to be cheaper than buying a new one! I guess I'm still stuck in wanting to do everything I wanted to do to it as a child, and couldn't afford to. I want it to be beautiful, which I'm sure it will be. And realistically, I couldn't have made those windows myself.

OK, so I've comforted myself by searching on eBay, and they had a similar house to mine, only NOT as good of course, for $400 new. So maybe I'm not doing too badly. Most of the cheaper kids are either much smaller, or simple barbie style houses. So in other words, I probably shouldn't have spent the money, but it wasn't excessive for what I got for it. Really.

On a good note, we had homemade gluten free pizza for dinner, with my homemade tomato sauce, and homemade bottled pineapple (for DH, I prefer just bacon and cheese on mine). DD had some bottled peaches for desert (but before dinner funnily enough).

I'm very very tired now, so I think I'm going to have an early night, and hopefully be more bright and cheery tomorrow.

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