9 March 2008

Art and Worksheets

Since starting this blog, I've found so many things to write about, that I'm having trouble keeping up with them. By the time I edit and resize the pics, then write a post and insert the pics in, it gets quite time consuming, so writing more than one post a day really isn't possible most days. So instead of posting every time DD does a beautiful picture or worksheet (which could be several times a day!) I like to pick out the best ones, and post a big picture/worksheet/craft post every week or two.

And in the last week or two she's certainly been busy.

This is a picture she drew for my mum. I was sending her a letter, and suggested DD paint her a picture to send as well. She painted, and I wrote the names on as she told them to me.

This one was drawn outside on the concrete veranda with sidewalk chalk. It's three people. I don't think they're meant to be anyone in particular, just drawings of people.

This is a picture of a statue of Roo (from Winne the Pooh). She tried to write 'statue' above it. The only thing she asked me was what the last letter in statue was.

And this one she did this morning while talking to my mum on the phone. It's a rainbow, with a flower and a turtle underneath, two birds in the sky talking (and a musical note!), and of course, the sun.

She is really loving painting and drawing at the moment. I bought about 20 little palette's of watercolours at a garage sale a while back, which is what she uses, and when all her favourite colours are gone (pink, purple, orange and yellow), we get another one out. In only a few months, she has gone from being not very interested in drawing/painting at all, and paining only scribbles or circles etc, to this! We now paint every day, sometimes several times a day, often several pictures in a row.

We've also been getting into the worksheets this week. She started asking me quesions:
"Mum, what's 6 and 5?"
"What's 11 and 1?"
"What's 12 and 4?"

So I figured that counts as showing an interest in addition.

I downloaded this worksheet from Prodigy Pie, and she loved doing it. It's quite a simple introduction to addition, with them cutting out the pictures on the bottom of the page, and sticking the right number into the space provided. Then this is mirrored by the written equivalent next to them. DD wrote that 4 all by herself!

Then while we were at it, I figured we'd try some numeral writing. She did pretty well on the first 4 numbers, then got a little tired after that. I was pretty impressed that she persisted and finished the worksheet though.

On a more arty note, she loves this goldfish worksheet. You colour the three pieces seperately, then cut (which I did for her) and glue them on the bowl. Lots of fun, and good for young ones, as they don't have to stay within the lines.

Finally, I was reading today on another blog about a child enjoying join the dots, and thought tha would be just the thing for DD. Printed this one off, and she loved it.


Anonymous said...

oh! Nice work, E! That rainbow picture is beautiful, Rinelle. That's what i love about blogs, not just sharing stuff our kids do but having a place for us to go to to remember what they got up to as they grow older. :)

Rinelle said...

Thanks Michelle. I definately think it is handy to be able to keep track of what she is up to. It also helps me to realise that we really do get up to a lot of interesting things, even though it sometimes seems our days are so mundane.