23 March 2008


We've had a lovely Easter Sunday today. Sadly, DH had to work, but we drove him in near the city, then went to have breakfast with my sister and her hubby's family. This is the view from Mt Cootha, where we had breakfast. It's just west of the city, and has a pretty good view. That is the city centre, where DH works. We live about 50k to the left! There wasn't the best view today, rather foggy and overcast.

In fact, about 20 minutes after I took the first picture, the rain came in. You can see it coming across the city like a sheet, amazing.

We decided not to go overboard on the Easter Eggs this year, buying one bunny to share amongst the three of us, which looks like a very good idea, as this was my sister's Easter basket to share at the breakfast! Luckily there were about a dozen people there to share them amongst. We bought some home, and they are sitting in the bottom of the fridge, recovering from being in the heat in the car on the way home. Tonight, after DD is in bed, I'll hide most of them in the cupboard above the microwave (the only one DD can't reach!)

Instead of eggs, I stayed up way too late last night to make this little baby for DD. I asked DH to put it on his hand, so that you can see the size. The pattern came from the same old book of magazine cut outs that the ducklings did, and was designed by Jean Greenhow.

He sits in a little basket (the instructions said to use an aerosol lid, but since I didn't have one, I used a cardboard baking powder tin), and I added a few tiny Easter eggs for her. She loved it. She even thanked me for making it for her, even though she didn't see me, and I didn't tell her I had made it. Cluey kid that one.

After we came home, we took the chicks out for a run in the yard. They love getting out, and one of our big projects for this 'weekend' (which will actually be Monday and Tuesday that DH has off) is to make a chook tractor for them to be out in during the day. We'll still bring them in at night for a little while, as the chook tractor won't really be dog proof enough for my liking.

The chicks are really growing, they even have feathers on their wings already! As you can see, they're trying very hard to fly! They're also trying to have dustbaths, on the newspaper in their box! I think they really need to be outside!

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