7 March 2008

Family BBQ

By the time I picked DH up from the train station this afternoon, I was exhausted! I drove all the way over to see my sister today (50k each way!), and spent a few hours sitting with her and just hanging out, but I think the drive really took it out of me (or else she's sucking all of my energy!)

I hadn't got any dinner started, so when DH suggested sausages, I said "What about a barbeque?" What a great idea! Instead of one of us cooking all afternoon while the other chased DD around, we all got outside, lit a fire, and cooked together! DD loved it, the food tasted delicious, and the washing up was minimal.

Our barbeque isn't anything fancy, as you can see. We just stacked some old bricks we scavenged from my aunts. We didn't use any mortar or anything to hold them together, just stacked carefully, with each row of bricks going over the joins of the previous row. The plate is a piece of steel that was my dad's barbeque plate that they no longer used. Cost us nothing, and we have had a lot of enjoyable meals with it. Much nicer than a gas barbeque, the taste from a wood fire is far more satisfying than anything you can get on gas or those fire rock things.

On some sad news, while DH was cooking, I went across to check out my garden, and both my rockmelons have rotted on the vines. They were green a day or two ago, now the were yellow and rotten. I'm not sure if I left them on there too long, or if lying in the long grass (although it hasn't been so wet recently) was the problem. I can see though, that I need to find some time to do more in the garden, which is quite struggle as DD isn't too keen on it. Will be looking tomorrow for some ways to get her more involved so she's having fun while I tidy it up and get things under control again.

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