23 March 2008

House progress

Well, things were moving along in the week leading up to the Easter break. Our building overseer changed, and the new one came out and met us, and we got a chance to go through some of our concerns and clarify a few things with him, which was very good (The old one used to just pull up at the gate, look from his car, then drive off). He said they were a bit behind with bricklaying, and not to expect anything until after Easter, but then they turned up and started 2 days later! The brickwork is mostly finished now, except they have stopped about a foot from the roof? I'm sure there is a reason for this, as a few mates of DH's have said that similar things happened on their house, but I have no idea what. If anyone knows, I'd love to hear.

The interior has been moving along too. All of the internal walls are up now, and although these photos don't show it, most of the gaps and corners have been done and the imperfections plastered over. This is the view from the kitchen/living room, looking down the hallway to the bedrooms. Our bedroom is at the very end, and DD's is right next to it. The closest door is the spare room, which will be both guestroom and my sewing room! Boy am I looking forward to being able to set up my machine and not have to put it away every time. And hopefully being able to have most of my sewing stuff in the built in cupboard.

The bathroom/toilet/laundry are down the hallway and on the left.

This is the main living room area, with a lovely huge window that looks out onto the back yard. You can see our tank through the window, as well as a pile of the bricks. Our TV will probably go across that back wall, and the lounge chair in the middle of the room.
Many of the fittings have also started to arrive. The kitchen cupboards are here, although they aren't installed yet, and I haven't taken photos, as are the laundry tub and bathroom cupboards. We're actually starting to be hopefully that it won't be too much longer, although we know from the shed building that these fitting/tidying bits actually take a surprising amount of time.

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