20 March 2008

Low-tech Wednesday

A member on Aussies Living Simply mentioned that they were having a 'low-tech Wednesday', where they tried to get through the day with as little use of technology as they could, and I was inspired. I know I tend to get too involved on the computer, and DD watches a bit much TV some days, so I thought a day without could be nothing but good.

It wasn't easy, I have to admit, but in the end, it turned out to be a good day. DD had a few tantrums in the morning about wanting to watch a DVD or play a computer game (not that she would normally do them at that time, but when I said we weren't going to, it immediately became the first thing she wanted to do of course), but she settled down quite well.

It helped that Wednesday is story time at the library, so that took up a large chunk of the day. They had an Easter story, made some bunny ears, and were given an Easter egg, which she really enjoyed. Then we choose some books, and a big set of wooden dominoes, and headed home. We spent a lot of the day reading our new library books (at times when DD needed some restful activities and would normally have watched TV), cleaned the floor (DD loves scrubbing the floor!),

We took the chickens out onto the lawn to run around, and watched them excitedly flapping their wings (they are getting feathers on their wings already! Slow down chicks, you can be cute and fluffy for a bit longer!), and pecking at the grass. We played in the cubby, where DD is loving doing pretend cooking on her toy stove. We planted some seeds (peas and pansies), and watered them. And picked the few ripe tomatoes that were there.

For dinner, we had a barbeque with sausages, and tried cooking some vegies wrapped in alfoil in the fire. Most of them burnt to a crisp, but the couple of potatoes that survived were delicious. DD had an early night, and DH and I stayed up far too late talking, without watching TV or playing the computer! DH enjoyed putting some food on his hand, and sitting with it in the box with the chickens as they climbed all over it and pecked it out of his hands. He is allergic to most animals, thus hasn't been able to have pets, and is really enjoying the experience.

All in all, I think low-tech Wednesday was a great success, and we're thinking of making it a regular event!

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Rach said...

Cool! I hadn't even realised you had moved - it sounds lovely!

Yes... low-tech days are probably something I should take on too.

I love the sitting around the fire at night, just talking. I haven't done that for a long time, and certainly not with my husband for an even longer time!