16 March 2008


Nope, no pics today. It has been one of those days that just passed somehow, with little of note actually happening. We went to the markets this morning, and trialled the fold up trolley I found for $2 at the second hand shop, but it was rather unsuccessful, so I'll need to come up with something else there. We buy so much fruit and veg each week that I can't carry it in one trip, meaning either numerous trips to and from the car (not good with a 3yo), or finding some sort of trolley. I might yet be able to come up with something using the frame I have, but the box we had on the bottom of it today isn't it.

On top of the normal fruit today, I bought a new garden fork. The neighbours dogs got into my compost bin yesterday (my fault, it had started to come apart, and I didn't fix it), and trying to turn it over into the bin again with a shovel wasn't a good job. We found a great stall at the markets that had lots of old tools, including a couple of scythes, kerosene lamps, a mangle, and lots more. Their tools were all old, solid ones, and I got a great pitchfork for $20. Bet it will hold up much better than a $20 one from the hardware!

Then I spent the morning making a sling out of an old sock toe for Tiger, trying to get him upright. His legs aren't out to the side as much now, but he just isn't getting up on his feet. I think he (and the others) are balancing slightly better in their squat position though. At least they all seem to be able to eat and drink mostly without assistance, which was questionable a few days ago, so we'll give them another week or so and hope they continue to improve. It is very stressful, watching them hobble around, and I wish there was something more I could do to help. We haven't even had much of a chance to enjoy all the other chicks, we've been so focused on these three, so tomorrow I plan to take the other 7 out on the lawn to play with DD.

While I was focused on chicks, DD and DH played in the cubby for hours on end. She loves her new toy, and is even happy to play on her own there for short periods of time, although at this stage, DH and I prefer to keep a close eye on her until she masters the ladder a little more fully. (Well, actually, she's very good at it, but we worry none the less.)

Around midday, we got into some cleaning that sorely needed doing, general tidying (washing up, making beds, washing clothes), then spent 15 minutes on the veranda, which was getting quite unsightly. It still needs a lot of work, but the improvement you see for just 15 minutes is amazing!

This afternoon we got stuck into some mowing. The orchard area is very overgrown, and hasn't been mowed for a few weeks. It was a case of push and shove to even get the mower through the grass on it's highest setting. I tried to do it with the catcher initially, but I was having to empty it every 20 meters or so, far too time consuming. I think I got through about 1/3 of the area. DH also attacked some of the highest weeds with the whipper snipper, which has made a difference too.

Did a bit of planting this morning. Some cauliflower, broccoli, and lettuce seeds, which are now covered with my netting cage in an attempt to keep the caterpillars off them. The tomato seeds (Roma) I planted about a week ago have come up, along with several self seeded rockmelons that were obviously in the worm casings I planted in. It's a little late for them, but I'll let them go and see what happens.

I can't remember if I've mentioned it or not, but my loofah plants have tiny loofah's on them! Very exciting! I'll have to do some more garden pics soon to upload. I also discovered a self seeded passionfruit vine down near the gate a few days ago, so today I transplanted it to the fence behind DD's cubby. I don't know if it will survive the transplant or not, but it couldn't stay where it was, as the mound of dirt it was on was going to be moved around in the next few months.

Finally, for dinner, we had a barbeque again. Rissoles this time, with steamed vegies cooked inside. Delicious! I'm really loving the barbeques now that the weather has cooled enough that the mozzies aren't too bad. I think we'll have to have one more often. Afterwards, DD played in her cubby while DH and I chatted. A perfect end to the day.

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