30 March 2008

Guess what I've got!

Yep, I spent a little over 3 hours today driving over to the other side of town to pick up my spinning wheel. It wasn't too bad though, because I drove over to my sisters, and she and her hubby took me the rest of the way. Had a lovely drive in the car with them, talking and laughing and catching up. It's rare to get a chance without DD along to steal the show. She chose to stay behind with her daddy though, and they apparently had a wonderful time playing hide and seek, and making and octopus out of a banana and a face out of a mandarin.

Of course, I had to call in to spotlight on the way back to pick up a very small packet of dyed and carded fleece to give it a go! I ended up getting a pink, white and blue pack because DD has been so excited about the spinning wheel (Once I explained that it wasn't like the one in Sleeping Beauty, and she wouldn't prick her finger on it and go to sleep), so I wanted something with pink in for her. No plain pink, so the 3 colour one had to do. DD seemed happy enough with it anyway, and kept asking if she could have a go spinning. She had a bit of a turn spinning the wheel with no fleece, although I think it will take a bit of practice before I give her any wool.

As for me, my brief experiences of spinning groups my mum went along to 18 odd years ago, and the spinning book I'd borrowed from the library stood me in good stead, and I manage to make a belt out of string (it had no belt), and a makeshift brake, again out of string, and actually spin the fleece I'd bought! It's rough, it's uneven, but the packet of fleece is now a bobbin of wool! I suspect it's not going to be that easy to knit, and will probably keep breaking, but I'm going to give it a go anyway.

I was quite surprised at how quickly the wool spun up. It was only 10 grams I think, but as you can see, it made a reasonable amount of wool. I somehow thought it would take longer. Now of course, I'll be haunting eBay for wool, and all the other accessories I 'must have'.

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