2 April 2008

A Kitchen!

Here is is, the beginnings of our kitchen! It actually looks really nice I think. I wasn't sure how I'd like the wood look (but it was the only option with the colour tiles I wanted!), but it actually looks really nice. I just hope it doesn't clash with our floor colours, which are slightly lighter I think.

The fridge will go in the space to the left, and the space/construction to the right is our pantry I'm assuming. I'm SO looking forward to it, and most especially, to having a dishwasher again!

The cornices are also in, and they are putting in the doors and door jams today! It's going to be done before we know it (says she hopefully).

I won't be updating for a couple of days, but expect lots more updates and pictures on the weekend. Take care everyone.


han_ysic said...

How exciting to see it all coming together. I would love a walk in pantry. Actually, I would like any house that was mine. I am trying to buy one, but as all who have gone through the process probably have experienced it always takes far too long. I love seeing yours becoming a reality.

Rinelle said...

Hi Hannah. It certainly is a rollercoaster isn't it? We've been waiting nearly 12 months for this house, and dreaming about it for a year or two before that. Still seems like a long way to go before it's finished!

Good luck on your house purchase!

The pantry isn't walk in unfortunately, just a cupboard. I do have a walk in wardrobe and a laundry cupboard that I'm sure will be useful extra storage space for all sorts of things other than what should be in them though. Storage space is such a handy thing.