26 April 2008

More Progress on Chicken Coop

We started out this morning with a hunt for 2 inch black poly pipe. Finally tracked it down at a irrigation store, and bought 25 metres. The guy who helped DH carry it out to the car said in disbelief "You're putting it on that?" We just gleefully nodded, and proceeded to tie it to the removable roof racks. On our trip home, someone in the car behind us was taking pictures of it with his mobile phone. Does it really look that surprising?

We cut it into four 6.25m long pieces, and somehow we have heaps left over? I'm thinking that they gave us too much, because 4 x 6.25 is 25 isn't it? Anyway, then we put those over the ends of the pickets, and they fitted exactly. It took us a bit longer to work out how to make sure that the spans were equal, but DH finally suggested measuring the bits of picket that were left, and that worked well.

Then we dug a trench all the way around, lifting off just the top layer of grass.

Ending up with a wheelbarrow load of grass from just one 5m side.

Then we cut three 8.15m lengths of 1.8m wide wire, and joined them together, overlapping by about 10cm. We used these nifty wire squeezer things and pre-cut C shaped bits of wire. Saved a LOT of hassle of threading wire through to join them, and it should be nice and strong.

This made a HUGE 8m x 5.something metre bit of wire.

Then we pulled and dragged that over the poly pipe tunnel. Thankfully DH's dad was there to help us. It would have been a much harder job with only two of us.

We fastened the edges of the wire to the side of the shed with some corner metal bits from building this shed.

And the same with the roof. Hopefully that should keep any predators out.

DH has started fastening the wire to the poly pipe structure, but dinner and a grumpy child interrupted, and the rest is left for another day.

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