12 April 2008

Front View!

You probably don't realise it, but all the pictures I take of our house are actually from the backyard, so the back of the house. We don't usually see the front much ourselves, except as we drive past, so I tend to forget it. I was walking around today though, and since I was down near the front, I thought I'd take a pic. So here it is! I couldn't get far enough back to take it in one shot, so I had to stitch it together in photoshop. Didn't do the greatest job either, as I can see now, but oh well, you get the general idea.

They came around today and did the first clean up. Took most of the rubbish (luckily we'd salvaged much before this point), and leveled the area around the house so that it slopes away from the brickwork. I suspect we'll have to work on drainage after it's all finished though, as the block slopes from the back to the front, and we'll end up with a lot of water around the house if we're not careful.

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