24 April 2008

Low-tech Wednesday

Yes, I know, my camera isn't really low tech, but I had to get it out to get a pic of this little guy, then I thought I'd do a kind of 'my day in pictures' to show you what our low-tech Wednesdays are like. Enjoy.

We cooked our pancakes for lunch in our electric frypan (would you believe we don't have a normal one?), but instead of getting out the electric beaters to mix them, I pulled out these old ones. I used to make cakes, meringue, everything with these when I was a kid, but haven't used them since getting an electric set. DH was so impressed with how easy they were to use, he said he will probably use them in future instead of the effort of getting the electric one out and setting it up.

This was my project for the day. You'll get to see the finished thing in a few days (once it is, in fact, finished.)

Preparing for an early dinner.

DD found her own entertainment with the charcoal scraped out of the barbeque.

Dinner is served. We ate out under the gum tree, watching the sun go down, and waving at the neighbours as they drove out. What a perfect end to a lovely day.

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