25 April 2008

A Tree Stump

This tree stump has been sitting down the side of our house, where it was dumped after it was pulled out of our house foundation, and we have forgotten about it. Moving it didn't even make my To Do list, but we realised that with our second water tank due to arrive any day now (actually, it was supposed to arrive on Monday, but still isn't here!) that it had to come out now. When the water tank is in place, it will make accessing that side of the house much harder, and we needed good access to get this out.

We did try pulling it out with a rope, but it snapped immediately, so DH borrowed a heavy duty chain from our neighbours. I'm quite impressed that my little car managed to shift this, it's huge!

Once we had pulled it out of the heap of dirt it's been sitting in for the last 4 or 5 months, DH took to it with the chainsaw. We only use it infrequently, so we just have a little electric one, but it actually does a pretty decent job. Better, in fact, than the electric one we hired to try to take out this stump's predecessor.

Even after we cut a wheelbarrow load of firewood off it, it was still huge. But we didn't have any more time to devote to cutting it up, as we had other plans for the day (namely, a trip to the museum with DD.)

So we hooked it up to the car again, and dragged it up out of the way. Ripped up the lawn a bit, and yes, it probably wouldn't have if we'd dragged it on the flat bit, but it was too much effort to tip it over.

Here is DH standing on the stump in victory! Not quite sure what we're going to do with it now. Perhaps have a very big bonfire? Toast some marshmallows?

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