8 April 2008

Continuing progress on the house

Sorry, no photos. We've hit lockup stage now, so we can't get inside to take pics. We've been looking through the windows lots though!

The doors and door jams are on now, and the skirting boards. The bathroom sink/vanity is in place, and they've been doing something with the shower. The eves were done on Monday, and all the bits above the windows/doors as well.

We're starting again to say "It should be done in a month or two," and getting hopeful. It will be SO nice to be in a house again. It's getting colder here, we're sleeping with a blanket and a doona (I don't remember doing that for YEARS), and it's only 9pm, but I'm about to go to bed because there is no other way to get warm. I never understood my mum doing that all these years, but now I do! I'm also dearly looking forward to having a dishwasher again! Dishwashing seems like such wasted time, and it's such a neverending chore.

Even once it is all finished though, we'll have to organise for the floor to be done (we're doing that separately, didn't want carpet, which was their only option, and instead are having a wood look laminate). Then we will want to leave it for a week or two to let the paint/floor/everything out gas before we move in.

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