6 April 2008

A relaxing holiday

DD and I just arrived back from a wonderful couple of days staying with my parents in the Wide Bay. This is the view you see when you get up in the morning! This is one of their two dams. There are some barramundi in there somewhere, but they've never been caught, though a few have tried.

The waterlilies are really taking over this year. Usually they're just around the edges, but now they're covering the whole dam.

DD had a ball, running around after Grandma, and going for a ride on their ride on mower.

Panda the dog was also good for following, but she spent much of her time sitting at Grandpa's feet, his ever faithful companion.

On Friday, we went down to the beach. It's lovely at this time of the year, almost totally deserted.

I'm sure it won't look the same now, school holidays started yesterday.

Too cold really for swimming, but there are plenty of other fun things to do.

I tried to convince DD to help collect some of the shells that were everywhere, but apparently it was more fun to fill the bucket with wet sand!

The second hand shops failed us, and we had to buy this bucket/spade set at a discount store. Not bad for $2 though.

This bit of coral was large enough to hold her interest for a few moments though.

When playing with the sand lost it's appeal, this bag of beads and jewelery was good for a few minutes entertainment.

While we were there I had a really good chance to scour all the second hand shops. Their prices are MUCH better than here, and they seem to have a much better variety. I have 20 or 30 new sewing patterns, a lot of them children's ones, which will be put to good use. I also found a lot of older craft books with interesting things like how to make different kinds of rugs, simple clothes from simple shapes, and lots of other decorating ideas. I'm really looking forward to the house being finished so that I can start decorating!

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