28 April 2008

Finished! Finally!

And this is the last post about the building of the chicken coop, I promise! A few hours this morning finished off the last of the chicken pen, and I now feel reasonably sure that they are secure in there. They seem to like it, aside from the fact that it does get quite hot in the middle of the day. I was worried that it would be too shady, as it's under a very large tree, but after working in that area for the last 3 days, it is barely shaded at all! As you can see, we've rigged up a lot of temporary shade, and in the next few weeks, when I recover from all we've done so far, I'll plant some citrus trees inside the coop that will hopefully give some better shade in a year or two. I'm also hoping that when the sun is a little higher in summer, it should be nice and shady under there.

And here is my spectacular door. Not bad for the first door I've ever designed is it? I'm pretty pleased with how it looks. It has a bolt half way up, as well as one down the bottom for added security. The hinges are supposed to be self closing, but they aren't really that successful unfortunately.

And here are our babies in their new home. We still had to put them to bed tonight, as they were all huddled up near the door. Hopefully they'll get the idea soon! From early guesses, I think we might have 2 roosters and 5 hens, but it's still a little early to really be sure. I will probably keep one rooster, and the other one, well, we'll have to see.


Tracie said...

Hi Rinelle,

I stumbled upon your blog via Rhonda Jean's. It is a great read I will be adding it to my favourites. Hope the chooks go well in their new chook house.

Have a great weekend.


Rinelle said...

Thank you Tracie. It's lovely to hear from you. The chooks are going well, although they still don't put themselves to bed!

Hope you have a great weekend too.