12 April 2008

Adolescent Chickens

Well, they aren't cute little furry babies anymore! Only a month old, and already they have more feathers than down, and are cheerfully getting around out in the wild. They love being out in their chicken tractor during the day, although we still bring them in at night. Don't quite trust the neighbours dogs, who this morning caught one of THEIR chickens and was mauling it outside our shed. Luckily it was OK. Not pleasant to wake up to a chicken squawking though.

I spent a little while today outside taking pictures of them in the tractor, and it was amazing to watch how they really are turning into little chickens. They have so much personality, with the way they sit and look at you with their head on one side, and make their little cheeping noises.

They were quite fascinated by the noises the camera was making, and kept coming over to try to work out what it was. I'm a bad chicken mummy though, I just can't tell them apart reliably enough to give them names. I think I'm going to have to get different coloured leg bands or something!

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