25 April 2008

To Do List Progress

Much as the chickens are cute, it is time for them to be OUT of my living room! They actually don't try to jump out of the box, they just like to perch on the edge, but sometimes they do loose their balance.

So, soon this will be their new home. The green garden shed (3m x 3m) will eventually be theirs too, but right now it is full of all the stuff we can't fit into the living space here. Once the house is done, most of this will either be thrown out, or move into the garage.

So in the meantime, I built this little shelter for them from leftover materials from the building. The base is a pallet, just in case we have a lot of rain, as we get quite a bit of runoff on the block. That should be high enough to keep them out of any water. The bricks are just stacked, but I've put sticks and pipes down the holes in the middle to stabilise them. The roof is an old sheet of colourbond leftover from the shed, tied firmly to the pallet. The area is sheltered from most of the wind by the garden shed, but hopefully it's all tied down firmly enough to stop anything blowing away if we do get a big wind. The gaps at the back near the roof line I've stuffed with newspaper, so hopefully their won't be too many drafts.

And this will be their run. It's 4m x 5m, which I think should be big enough. Tomorrow we'll go out to get the rest of the materials, and hopefully do some more work on it. The sooner the chickens are out, the better!

In other To Do List news, I finished my string bag. This is crocheted, and was actually quite easy, if time consuming. I put the handles on wrong, so it isn't perfect, but it's now sitting in my handbag for the next time I'm out and need something to carry shopping in. Hopefully it will stop me dropping things on the ground on the way to the car like I did with the lovely glass orange juicer I found!

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