27 April 2008

Empty Nest!

Well, we spent a lot of the day (interspersed with play with DD, a trip to the markets, and a trip to bunnings) finishing up the chicken coop, and they are out there. We worked until dark, and even a little by torchlight to finish up, and though it isn't quite finished, I think it is secure enough. There is a gap up near the roof at the back that needs an extra bit of wire added, and the door isn't attached properly, just wired on. Hopefully they'll be relatively quick jobs to finish off tomorrow. Sorry, no pictures, I was too busy trying to get it finished to take any.

They spent the day outside in the coop while we finished it off, using an old wooden crate across the doorway to keep them in. But they were still a little surprised not to be taken inside when it started to get dark, and cheeped quite pitifully when we left. We put a solar light inside their bed area, but they were still too stupid to go in, and when I went out to check on them before, they were all huddled against the fence. I moved them into the sheltered area, and will go out once more tonight to see if they stayed there. I'm sure they'll be happy in the morning though when they wake up and can just walk outside without having to wait for us to take them out, and we are certainly happy to not have the cheeping and the smell inside any more!

I asked DD, who had been complaining of not having enough time to play because we spent all day building the chicken coop what her favourite thing about the day was, and was most surprised that she said the chicken coop! She said she liked being able to see them, and go inside to play with them. Of course, when I asked her what was her least favourite thing about the day, she said building the chicken coop, and not having time to play! I guess that is a pretty normal expectation, we want to have the thing, but not do the work to get it.

Overall though, I've really enjoyed doing the building. It is very satisfying to see something take shape under your hands, and know that you designed and built it! This is one of our first large projects (other than our bathroom in the shed, I'll have to post pics of building that one day) that we have made with such success, and it really helps to feel that we are finally getting there.

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