22 April 2008

9th May

Yes, that is the 'expected completion date' on our house! We are in the final stage now. It seems like the painting is holding things up, as so many things can't be done until after that. They don't put the security screens on, do the tiling, or put on the electrical switches until after the paint. Reasonable of course, because that way they can be sure they won't get paint on them.

So, any bets on whether the house will actually be finished by then or not? I think it's a reasonable estimate, but not holding my breath, as you never know what will come up between now and then!

Of course, even after handover, we won't be able to move in straight away, as we'll still have to arrange to have the floor laid (builder only did carpet, we'll be having laminate). I also want to wait a week or two to give the walls and floor a bit of a chance to off gas.

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