17 March 2008

A Sad Day

Well, after spending all day agonising, reading all I could, and observing our little chicks, I came to the conclusion that the three who are unable to stand were not going to improve. Everything I read said that spraddle/splayed legs fix very quickly, so this was obviously something more serious. DH talked to the vet for quite a while, who agreed that there was little more to be done, and as it was, the baby chicks would not have a very good quality of life. So very sadly, we made the decision to have them put down. I was very emotional, but I'm glad the decision was made. We just couldn't look after them and they couldn't get to the food and drink themselves easily.

I know it is a part of the cycle of life and the workings of nature, but I can't help but be sad for those little chicks. I haven't told DD yet, just told her that they were going to the vet. I will tell her in the morning, because I believe that it is better to tell the truth about these things than to try to spare a child's feelings with untrue stories. Though it might make them feel better now, in the long run, I feel it undermines their security and trust in you.

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