17 May 2008

Craft Retreat

DH has been working long hours completing a course for work this week, so DD and I headed up to my mum's for a visit, some R&R, and of course, some crafting! I had these shirts already cut out, and DD had painted the pic (it's 3 flowers, 2 butterflies, and a bee if you can't recognise it), and we sewed them up pretty quickly. All made from recycled shirts from the $3 rack at the local second hand shop. Even the ribbing is from a second hand rib t-shirt.

These were made from a flannel nightie at my Mum's local second hand shop. The ribbing, again, was from a second hand t-shirt. The top pattern is adapted from the same pattern used for the t-shirts above, just with longer sleeves, and ribbing at the bottom as well. The pants were a new pattern my mum had, but when we did our first try on, they were too tight around the waist, hence the pink ribbing gussets on the outside of the legs. They look great though, as if it was intentional!

OK, I have to admit it. These were made from new material that my mum bought when DD was little, and I've been waiting for a chance to sew up. It is patchwork flannel, and very bright and colourful. The ribbing is second hand though! We only had a limited selection of colours, no blue, and the only yellow we had just wasn't bright enough, but I think the red works pretty well. And no, we didn't just like the side gussets so much we repeated it, we cut both pairs out at once, so had to make the same adaptations to both!

Not bad for about 4 days of sewing is it? There is one more sewing project, but it deserves a whole post to itself, so you'll have to wait till tomorrow to see it!

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