19 May 2008

Tiling is Done!

Yet another step on our road to actually having a house that might be a bit warmer than this shed! I totally love these blue tiles, and can't wait till I can do my washing in this beautiful, bright laundry!

And, of course, have a shower in this lovely shower. It looks a little dirty already though!

We're all getting a bit frustrated about the non-finished state of the house right now. The date we've been given for completion now is June 3rd, DD's 4th birthday. While it would be a nice birthday present, it would have been even nicer if we could have been moved in, so we could have a nice party in our new house! Apparently the problem is getting the water tank delivered, which I can well believe, water tanks are hard to come by in Brisbane with this drought going on. They're selling out faster than they can get them in. I would have thought they could have ordered it early enough to prevent this problem though!

We might not be so impatient, but it's getting COLD in this shed. The minimum night temp is hovering down in the low teens, and while it isn't too bad once you're in bed, typing on the computer at this time of night makes for cold fingers, and it's very hard to get going in the morning. I suspect that part of it is due to the concrete floor and the shade trees that were so wonderful at keeping us cool in summer making it seem cooler than it actually is. Once you're outside in the sun, it's quite pleasant, but otherwise, well, lets just say I'm very busy knitting slippers and warm clothes for everyone! (Hopefully some more pics of those soon, I've nearly perfected my slipper pattern I think.)

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