6 May 2008


I was doing the washing up this afternoon, and I just happened to glance down the hallway and out the door, and this was the view that greeted me! Our solar (hot water) panels are on! No storage tank yet, but it's a start. I guess they must have gone on today, as there were about 4 cars/ute's here today doing stuff. I thought they were all painting, but I guess not.

The painting does appear to be done though. With a spray by the looks of things. Can't see inside because the windows are all covered, but I can see where the spray has gone over the plastic covers. It's very good to see some progress, after about 2 weeks of NOTHING. I don't see any way it will be done by the 9th, but hopefully in the next few weeks.
Edited to say: I keep coming back to look at this picture, and it gives me a great deal of satisfaciton. I think it sums up our new house far more than any picture of the actual house could. The water tank in the foreground, solar panels on the roof, and gum trees (not on our place) in the distance. I finally feel like we're starting to get there!

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