9 May 2008

My First Completed Item

That is, the first item I've made completely from spinning the wool, to knitting it up. These slippers were knitted with the first wool I spun, some very expensive wool from spotlight! About $5 each! Scary. But they are pretty, and DD loves them, and wants to wear them all the time, which is a plus from a child who's statement usually is "I like being cold!"

I ran out of the original wool I had bought, and the slippers didn't go up the ankles far enough o stop them slipping off, so I spun up some of the new wool I have, and used it to crochet around the ankles a couple of times, added a bow and a frill, and here you go. I think it was the frill that won DD over!

Now I just have to wind the rest of the wool up, and I think I'll knit some socks out of it!

As someone kindly pointed out, this wool is not plyed. I didn't have enough of the initial slipper wool to ply, so I knitted it in one ply. Since I needed some of this extra to finish off the slippers, I didn't ply it either, and I think that will be good for my socks, as I don't want the wool to be too thick. I'll give plying a go on my next lot of wool, which I think will be some beautiful brown fleece.

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