19 May 2008

Potato Harvest

We harvested our first homegrown potatoes yesterday. This is the haul from the one bush that we've checked so far (we have one more, but will wait for a bit longer).

There were a few others that were far to small to even bother with (like thumbnail size), but these were a decent size. Largest potatoes I've ever grown in fact. DD was very excited to actually dig up our own potatoes, and carried them all inside two at a time, and hoarded them like eggs in a nest for a while. She also carted off the tiny ones to play with.

I had assumed that the bush had died off because it was time to harvest, but when I dug it up, the base of the stem was covered in these tiny insects which seemed to be chewing through it. I'm not sure what they are, but it's no doubt that if they hadn't killed my plant, we would have had twice this number of potatoes. I've done several Google searches, but can't find out what these are, so if anyone can tell me, I'd be really pleased to hear.

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