5 May 2008

The Frugal Haircut

I've actually been cutting DH's hair for a lot longer than I've been into simple living. It started many year ago, not long after we were married. DH likes to keep his hair short, and have frequent cuts, and the expense of this was adding up, not to mention the time it took to actually go have it done. So we bought a $20 pair of hair clippers, figuring it was only the cost of a single haircut if it didn't work out. They lasted us about 3 years. The second $30 pair lasted about a year. Then DH decided that we might as well do it properly, and bought a $100 set of Wahl clippers, which are very nice. The have a lot more gradations of cut (the cheep ones usually have only size 1-4 combs, whereas the Wahl has up to size 8), and are a much better quality. Cared for properly, they should last us a long time.

We find it easiest to do it outside with a long extension cord, as it's much easier to clean up. I start by doing the back with a lower clipper length, today it was a 4, then the top with a higher size, today a 6 (slightly longer for winter). To blend between the back and top I just lift the clippers slightly away from his scalp as I cut.

Then I just tidy up the back without a comb on, trim around his ears with scissors, and it's done! Saved us a lot over the years, not only in dollars, but in time, which is even more valuable. Now if only I could figure out how to cut my own hair...

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