9 May 2008

Painting is Done!

And the doors are hung. Finally got a look inside today after the builders had left, and it's looking nice. Really starting to look like a house now that it's all the one colour! The paint smell is awful though! This is the view from the kitchen, looking down the hallway to the bathroom and bedrooms.

And this is the badly stitched together view in the other direction, looking towards the kitchen. As you can see, I have a good view of DD's cubby from any of the windows in the main living areas. This was definitely planned! Sorry about the quality of the photos, I had to take them with DD's point and shoot, as my lens doesn't have a wide enough angle.

And since they were sitting there, these are the floor tiles for the laundry, bathroom and toilet, a very pretty blue.

I think the wall tiles are white, but I can't remember for sure. This is the accent tiles though, again, blue. Yes, I like blue!

And, since today is the 9th, and the house isn't finished, I guess the expected completion date wasn't worth much! Hopefully in a few weeks...

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